Course: CS 603, Organization of Programming Languages, Spring 2000, 148 East Eng, MWF 12:00-12:50.

Prerequisite: CS 403. Introduction to object-oriented programming, including C++.

Instructor: Dr. Richard Borie,, 348-1668, 101 Houser.

Office hours: M 10-12, W 10-11, F 10-12, and by appointment.


Textbook: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, by Timothy Budd.


Grade computation:

There will be no make-up exams. A missed exam receives a score of 0. However, you will be permitted to drop your lowest exam score. If you score high enough on the three midterms, you may elect to skip the final exam. Each of your three highest exams counts 25 %, and the project also counts 25 %.

If you attend classes, read the corresponding chapters from the textbook, work the sample problems, and do the project, you should be able to do well on the exams.