Some sample programs that were discussed in this course:

Follow this link for programs from the textbook

C++ programs: queen.cpp, josephus.cpp, shapes1.cpp, shapes2.cpp, quiz2a.cpp, quiz2b.cpp, quiz2c.cpp, overload.cpp, overload2.cpp, deque.cpp, deque2.cpp, dabc.cpp, cast.cpp, quiz3.cpp, visitor.cpp, dispatch.cpp, static.cpp, quiz4.cpp, tinytalk.cpp

Java programs:,,,,, MyApplet.html,

LittleSmalltalk programs:,,

Object Pascal programs: queen.pas, billiard.pas, billiard2.pas

TinyTalk programs: math.tiny, deque.tiny, dynamic.tiny, dynamic2.tiny, tree.tiny, visitor.tiny, final.tiny