Squeak is a visual implementation of Smalltalk, similar to Smalltalk-80.  It is installed in the CS lab in room EE 116, but this installation does not permit you to save changes.  Instead, you should do the following:

  1. Download the following ZIP archive: Squeak2.8-win.zip
  2. Extract all the files and save them in your own folder.
  3. Double-click on the file "squeak.exe" to start the interpreter.
  4. Examine the pre-loaded windows to become familiar with the system.
  5. When you are ready to enter messages to the interpreter, right-click on the main window to show a pop-up menu, then select open => workspace.
  6. Now you can enter messages directly in the workspace window.  First type a message, then highlight it by left-clicking and dragging the mouse.  Then right-click on the message and select either "do it" or "print it".  Note: the assignment arrow is obtained by typing the underscore "_".
  7. To examine the pre-existing class hierarchy, right-click on the main window, then select open => browser.  The 4 panes at the top of the browser window are ClassCategory, Class, Protocol, and MethodName.
  8. To create a new category or a new protocol, right-click on the appropriate pane, then select "add item" or "new category" respectively.
  9. To create a new class or a new method, modify the message template that appears in the bottom pane.  Then highlight your message, right-click on the message, and select the "accept" option.
  10. When you wish to exit Squeak, right-click on the main window, then select the desired option such as "save" or "quit".

For further information about Squeak, or to download Squeak for a different platform, follow this link: